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  • Sumeeta Gawande

SESA'S Maati-Paani-Asha Center Selected to Join The Rockefeller Foundation's FSGCL Program

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

The Call for Solutions

To support the UN Food Summit’s goal of achieving healthier, more sustainable, more resilient, and also more equitable food systems, Thought for Food, The Rockefeller Foundation, IDEO, and EAT called for solutions from across the world. Selected solutions would be invited to join their Solutions Acceleration Programme, named the Food Systems Game Changers Lab (FSGCL).

SESA Answered the Call

SESA assembled a coalition of thought leaders from GSG College, Sterling College, and Ohio University to create a solution, led by the newly-formed Maati-Paani-Asha Center at GSG College.

The MPA Center Joined a Global Cohort to Support Regenerative Agriculture

Our solution was accepted, and we were invited to join a Solution Cohort named Mainstreaming Regenerative and Agroecological Approaches. Our Solution Cohort consists of 15 solutions from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Kenya, India, Italy, Sri Lanka, Uganda, United States and elsewhere. At the end of the 12-week Solutions Acceleration Programme, the Food Systems Game Changers Lab will help match our Solution Cohort to national, regional, local governments, corporate partners, investors, and other supportive actors.

The goal for each solution cohort is to walk away with committed partners and become ready to embed our solution in specific systems across various geographies and sectors. We look forward to working together to uplift farmers, end hunger, and improve the food system in Umarkhed, Maharashtra, and across the globe.

To learn more about the Maati-Paani-Asha Center, click here.

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